Our mission


We believe in connecting the hearts and souls of all beings we come into contact with. We  educate inside out beauty and guide people back to their unique wholesomeness and love from within. We are passionate about bringing community together. We feel that the root cause of suffering is fed from isolation and separation.  Our mission is to bring the healing heart touch of union that which engages 'presence'  and full body connection. We believe consistent connection feeds the intelligence of our emotional body and immediately aligns us to our true essence which is Love. 

Our ethos is rooted in the foundational practices of yoga. Yoga is a sanskrit word which simply means union. We offer union on and off the mat, supported by a springboard of holistic wellness modalities and spiritual healing techniques including Yoga for adults and children, massage, holistic nutrition, mindfulness, life coaching, energy healing, spiritual and self growth development, feminine empowerment, sisterhood, environmentalism, spiritual wellness retreats.



We are hidden in the middle of the atlantic ocean, upon the charming turquoise islands of Bermuda. We named our property 'Be Love Sanctuary' because we are secluded and protected by an untouched, magical ocean. The 'Be Love Sanctuary' exudes a warm and sacred ambience that provides an intimate healing experience for the avid soul seeker.  We open our hearts to ALL from local and global destinations and welcome you to connect with us. We believe that when we shine our brightest light, we encourage others to shine their light too. 

Come join us as we ignite love, light and freedom together.  

"Enchanting ariel view of Jewel Bermuda Islands'


OUR kindred STORY

Find out about Kyria and Astraya's kindred story, our BE LOVE mission: why choose BE LOVE and why we do what we do.

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Are you ready to BE LOVE? Join our movement and become a living prayer of love, joy and gratitude

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